Serving Humanity with Advanced Technologies

Q for Quantum, π for human Ingenuity

We are revolutionizing technology in the fields of Quantum computer, AI, Nano technology, Super conductors, Materials, Cryogenic electronics applications for space technologies, Next generation collaborative cloud based on Quantum compute, Super conducting motors and Solid state batteries / Quantum batteries that will revolutionize EVs.

Qpi Technology is the parent company for Qpi group of companies and future companies it acquires in the above fields.

Our Subsidiaries

AI & Quantum Simplified

We are inventing future of Compute and Modelling. The Future of Computing and Modelling: Bits + Neurons + Qubits. At QpiAI™ we are inventing optimal recipe to combine them to convert data to intelligence.

QpiAI™ AI/ML/Quantum modelling PaaS includes AI Technology , AI tools, Quantum Tools, AI model discovery, AI model deployment and AI/Quantum hardware.

Collaborative Cloud Computing Technology

Democratizing Innovation with extreme automation and extreme compute. Powered by AI Driven Automation and Quantum Compute.

QpiCloud is a collaborative platform to enable next generation of breakthrough in healthcare, materials, manufacturing, smart city , drug discovery, transportation and bringing to forefront other disruptive technologies to human reach..

Transforming superconducting devices technology

SuperQ technologies India Pvt Ltd is working on imminent breakthrough in Material Sciences to enable high temperature and room temperature superconductivity. We’re working on high temperature superconductivity and innovation in semiconductor, superconductor, Quantum physics and Nano technology processes.

Revolutionizing Battery Technology

QpiVolta is revolutionizing battery technology with solid state and quantum batteries.

Qpivolta will be the flagship of technology innovation by Qpi Technology. Batteries will play significant role in advancement of humanity. With a very encouraging initial analysis of the technology we’re working with, we are starting with solid state batteries based on new materials that we are working on and the all-important Quantum batteries which will advance many energy dependent applications. QpiVolta will make our planet greener and less dependent on fossil fuels.

Creating Quantum Secure CPU Prakarah

Qpisemi is all set to design secure data centre CPUs, cryogenic electronics and semiconductor process research. We are currently designing the world’s most secure data centre CPUs code-named, “Prakarah” (translates to “Wall” in Sanskrit).